Shiny Paper

some magazines

In 2013 I spent more on magazines than in any other year of my life and fully intend to spend as least as much again this year.

This isn't a rejection of online reading (and writing). Far from it. My instapaper account is full'o'stuff and my feedly account is refreshed regularly.

But more and more, online reading feels like work. The stream is a constant, a current. It doesn't stop. Like email, the items unread count is a negative pressure. FOMO.

Magazines have an index, not an unread count. They are bound, each article, each issue fixed. Complete. They don't make you feel guilty about putting them aside or skipping an article.

A magazine purchase is a considered one. Taking the time to read one is a consideration. They don't try to own my attention, so in 2014 I'm going to be giving them more of it.