Driving into Tomorrow

In 1994 I was back from university and once again living with my parents in the north west London suburbs. Most nights I was out and about, often crashing with friends in South London and driving home early enough to be back before my parents woke up.

If I timed things well, I'd be on the elevated section of the Westway at sunrise. It's probably because of this that these few miles of road are among my favourites anywhere. The drive between the high-rises of Paddington and Portobello and Willesden and the lack of traffic leaving London in the early hours combine to make this very British stretch of road feel a bit American. The Westway, for me, flows.

And if I timed things extremely well, this would be the song that came on the cassette player as I climbed west out of London at dawn. Today, 20 years later, it still feels like the future. It still makes me crave those mornings, the drive into tomorrow.